Frequently Asked Questions
What is Copa Católica?
Copa Católica is a sports event (with tournaments) which will be happening during the World Youth Day.
What is the aim of Copa Católica?
Our main aim is bring together the young people of different countries, which share the same faith, throw the sport and follow the words of the Pope Francis of “Make noise”.
When it will be?
The Copa Católica as a Youth Festival event will take part of World Youth Day week on Tuesday and Wednesday (26-27 of July 2016). 
Where will be?
Copa Católica will be held in Com-Com Zone in Nowa Huta, 20min from the city center by tram, you can get there by bus,tram or driving. It is not recommendable to try go by feet.
Until when can I register?
The registration opened in March and close in end-spring of 2016.

How do I register my group?
You can make your registration here or in the official website of the World youth Day www.krakow2016.com/en/sport-en

Can I register younger players?
Yes, will be allowed player under 18 with the permission of his responsible.
Can I register girls on my team?
Copa Católica is also for the girls. Women’s contribution is essential in this tournament. The Church is a woman and mother. Recall that God entrusts the human being to woman. We trust our team to them as well.